skeem Saam: Lehasa is in critical condition in the hospital

skeem Saam: Lehasa is in critical condition in the hospital


skeem Saam fans are terrified for Pretty’s life as all that has been nailed to her.We as ,#skeemsaam fans can hardly hold back to know whether Phomolo (Lehasa’s uncle) will protect Pretty from all the difficulty she is in as he has a lot of experience with them.

who would’ve imagined that Kwezi can wound the strong Lehasa ? Officer Peterson exacerbates the situation on accepting Kwezi on her story that has neither rhyme nor reason . I mean even Magongwa might have seen that Kwezi is lying since she was in any event, strolling around with the deadly weapon on her head .

What exacerbates the situation of fans questioning that Peterson will make his work appropriately is that he doesn’t actually consider requesting a CCTV film to see that Lehasa came in with pretty and not Kwezikazi.

I so wish that Lehasa may he awaken and be adequately courageous to unadulterated every bit of relevant information for what it’s worth .

Do u believe Lehasa’s uncle will save Pretty from the horrible she is in?

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