Skeem Saam: Mzansi is not happy about Alfios’s death


Skeem Saam: Mzansi is not happy about Alfios’s death

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Celia makes a difficult decision that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Mzansi is not happy with the ending of Alfios in SkeemSaam as they were expecting to see him alive. His journey in SkeemSaam was short and interesting if we take him back from when he join SkeemSaam. Alfred and Celia are married in real life. They started dating on “The Queen of Death” and even in SkeemSaam. Celia is unleashing the side we always wanted to see,evil Celia is a win for me. Alfred and Celia always kill people wherever they go.

Celia and Alfred are trying by all means to have Alfios unemployed shame. We want justice him. We’ve been wanting Celia to have a nice life after she lost Warra Ben and she got it. She’s too much now and they playing with Alfios.
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Celia is feeling chest pains because Alfios is awake. Celia has killed by suffocating Alfios and she’s gong to jail. It was Alfred’s fight but she will be the one who will go to jail for him. The officer they will know that she killed Alfios because she is a suspect and she works in that hospital, she’s making matters worse for them.

Alfios shouldn’t die like that Babaile must get there in the neak of time. I don’t know what’s taking this investigation so long, I mean all they have to do is to look into the financials and see that Alfios and Magongwa are working together. Babeile was on the right track until Malebane start to ruin all the investigation.
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Captain Malebane is useless, he is doing nothing for the station. Alfios is under investigation, he got serious injuries. Because he is under investigation he should have been placed under the Police or correctional supervision.

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