Skeem Saam: Principal Thobakgale Goes To Jail


Principal Thobakgale Goes To Jail-Watch Skeem Saam

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Skeem Saam Is the number 1 show that is being watched on Sabc 1 and has many viewers-Tune in to Skeem saam as many stories unfold.


As we all know that Skeem saam is rated as the number 1 show on SABC 1,it has many followers who wouldnt miss a day without watching this show.

It looks like our very own principal of Turf high is going to be in trouble.

Principal Thobakgale named as Jacobeth is a principal at turf high school and a very strict mother as she does not tolerate nonsense.

She is also a mother to Dr Elizabeth who is a medical Doctor at Turf Hospital,she is also very good with her Job.

Principal Thobakgale will be left in hot water as she will be going to jail,we dont know the reason yet but it looks like she will be jailed for something she did not commit.

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