Skeem Saam Seakamela family dance made Mzansi go crazy.

Skeem Saam Seakamela family dance made Mzansi go crazy.

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Skeem Saam soapie is mostly watched in South Africa. The soapie is televised on SABC 1 on weekdays. People get to learn a lot of things from Skeem Saam, it teaches the youth of this generation a lot of things. Recently it has been a hit-up soapie, because of the tension and surprises that arise while watching this soapie.

People fell in love with characters such as Mantuli and Meikie Maputla, who are playing a huge role in making sure that this soapie is fascinating to watch. Everyone has preferences and they like a certain soapie or drama based on certain features. The same goes with liking or preferring certain actors.

The family of Seakamela has been trending on social media after being captured off the recording cameras, doing the unthinkable. This was never anticipated by people of South Africa.See the source images the source image

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In this video, the Seakamela family can be seen enjoying themselves, off the stage. They are dancing and it is surprising to see Mantuli being this delighted off the stage. In this video, Kwaito, Pretty, Mantuli and Clement can be spotted, making one video together and ready to show South Africans that they are happy souls, off the stage. This is a reality, these people should never be judged by what the viewers on the TV. They are completely different people when they are off the camera and not recording. They have a close relationship, unlike when they are televised. This video says it all.

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People were taking this as a hilarious moment when they saw Mantuli dancing with a crutch in her hand. It can show that they were about to record, or they were done recording. The mood says it all, these actors are loving what they are doing, and no one can dispute that.

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