Skeem Saam viewers are upset this week

Skeem Saam viewers are upset this week


SkeemSaam We really feel bad for Mosebjadi because we all know that she is supposed to be the winner, unfortunately, that is how life is 😭😭

For the fact that the viewers are threatening to stop watching this drama because of one person’s behaviour, it shows that he or she is good at acting. It shows that Paxton is a professional. Most of the people they say they are going to come back and watch Skeem Saam after Pakiston Kgomo is exposed.

I understand that people are very much angry with the storyline right now, and it looks like Skeem Saam has dropped viewership just because of the storyline. I also believe that people must watch to the end, the time will come for every crime to be punishable.

Right now I understand people are bored, right now I understand people don’t feel like watching this drama soapie, but that’s what acting is all about. People must not get too emotional about it, it is just a drama, but also I understand their concerns. The moral of the story is very disappointing, it exploits the poor and encourages the rich to get away with anything.

I hate skeem saam purely because Pax gets away with everything and it’s annoying

I’m very angry about what Paxton did to Mosebyadi.

This is the reason why I’ll stop watching Skeem Saam. It was Leshole back in the years now Mosebjadi being bullied left, right and center arg
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