Skeem Saam: Will John Maputla succeed in what he plans?

Skeem Saam: Will John Maputla succeed in what he plans?

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John has dropped out of affection with Meikie, needs her to pay for her wrongdoings, and spends time in jail in jail.

He is picking his freshly discovered child, Kwaito (Clement Maosa) over his significant other on the grounds that he furtively despises her.


John (Africa Tsoai) won’t sit tight for Meikie (Harriet Manamela) in the event that she gets condemned to jail since he is narrow-minded.

He’s undermined Meikie previously and will continue on with another person and seek legal separation once she gets condemned.

John is as yet a decent man in Turfloop and doesn’t have any desire to wind up in jail by lying for Meikie having sworn to tell the truth.

He indicated that he actually cherishes Mantuli (Dieketseng Mnisi) in past scenes and needs to be with her.

Meikie is at this point not the lady he experienced passionate feelings for years prior and a criminal in his eyes.

John additionally accepts that jail will be useful for his significant other, on the grounds that he needs her to become back a superior individual.

His sister, (Joyce Ledwaba) has additionally impacted him to betray his better half.

Joyce recently implied that John ought to send Meikie to a psychological foundation since she’s crazy.

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Meikie’s child, Leeto is the main individual supporting her since he doesn’t regard John any longer.

He needs his mom to petition for legal separation since he feels like she merits better compared to John.

Leeto (Eric Macheru) has likewise detached from John since he discovered that he isn’t his natural dad.

Leeto needs to save his mom from John and needs her to continue on with her own personal business.