Former Skeemsaam Actres Pearl Nikolic will be back on TV soon.

Former Skeemsaam Actress Pearl Nikolic will be back on TV soon.

Pearl Nikolic who is a South African actress is one of those who will never forget or move away from where she began which is on Skeemsaam. Nikolic recently began a new journey and is now a ministering pastor aiming to continue with what she has started which is serving the Lord but she is not willing to let go of her character on Skeemsaam.
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She will be coming back soon to television screens to continue with her character of being Sonti Magongwa who lost her nut business that was started with a family nut recipe. Pearl on Skeemsaam was Mmapitsi Magongwa’s sister and was about to become of one successful business women when her own idea together with her family recipe was taken away from her.

Pearl Nikolic speaking about her journey of being a pastor and her future in relation to Skeemsaam said “If watch Skeemsaam closely, I’ll be making a come back so stay glued”.

“I’m also modelling now and i feel like my profession won’t interfere with my spiritual journey because I’ll have to balance the two depending on how the spirits operates. I’m happy that i don’t have an option to leave neither because I’ve been called to do both”.

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Pearl Nikolic left Skeemsaam after suffering a loss whereby she was tricked by one the actors on the show into doing business with him only to have her idea and family secret stolen in the end. She joined the show in 2011 and was on her character as Sonti for five years. She had lost her mother on the show due to Cancer and was raised by his father. Moving away from her father, Pearl as Sonti and her sibling being Mmapitsi stayed together not far from their uncle Alfred Magongwa.