SkeemSaam: Khwezi has a plan B to fight Mary.

SkeemSaam: Khwezi has a plan B to fight Mary.

skeem saam

Khwezi plans to attack Pretty again and this time he uses Lehasa sickness as a way to call her to the hospital, to come and see her lover that is fighting for her life in the hospital bed, which is something that has caused her to be arrested.

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But this time he is using a nurse’s cellphone as a way to attack this little girl who is desperately looking for help after she was framed by her, and this nurse pretends to be Lehasa and she tells her that Lehasa has to wake up and she must come to see her.

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But it looks like Pretty is having all the evidence that she needs if she can get in trouble because the message from Lehasa has been received by her, so that she can come to see her on the hospital and Khwezi might get this nurse on huge trouble we’re she can lose her job.

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