A little later on #SkeemSaam Lehasa has a nasty surprise for Fanie and Kgosi.

A little later on #SkeemSaam Lehasa has a nasty surprise for Fanie and Kgosi.


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There is no doubt that Lehasa Maphosa is a shrewd businessman and he does what he can to secure what’s his. He is definitely not happy about the fact that his employees at the cafè will now be shareholders.

He has been trying to stop Cindy from making this move but seems like he has failed. The two, Kgosi and Fanie Maserumule were excited when Lehasa announced that Sifiso Ntuli won’t be part of the employees who will be receiving the shares from Cindy. This is because the commencement of the process of the distribution of the shares started after Sifiso had already been sacked. What got them excited was the fact that, if Sifiso would be out of the equation; it means that, they will be getting a bigger percentage of the shares than the ones they would get if Sifiso were to be a part of the beneficiaries.

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It is true that, it is funny how some say let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in their own eye. This is exactly what Fanie and Kgosi are doing, but the pair is not aware of this. Now, Lehasa has a surprise for them and it is not a nice one, it is a nasty one instead.

Although the charges against them were dropped when they were caught for being part of a syndicate that was selling illegal abalone, this could be one of the reasons why Lehasa could manage to remove Kgosi and Fanie Maserumule from the list of the rightful beneficiaries of the Cafè Rovuwa shares.


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The joy that was in their heart and written all over their faces when Sifiso was told that he did not qualify and was denied the shares, will definitely be short-lived. The two were already foreseeing how the money would start rolling in and how their lives would drastically change for the best.

But Lehasa always has tricks up his sleeve and the two are really in for a surprise.

This leaves one question that, since Fanie Maserumule has always wanted these shares, will he take Lehasa’s surprise lying down? and that question leads to get another one question – Who will he blackmail to get his hands on those shares, will it be Bontle or Lehasa?


He has life threatening secrets on both. Will she go for Bontle because she seems like easy target or Lehasa because he’s a bigger fish to fry?

Let’s watch, wait & see.

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