SkeemSaam: Lehasa’s pressure mounts as he worries about his freedom.

SkeemSaam: Lehasa’s pressure mounts as he worries about his freedom.

Things will get more feverish, and Zamo will understand that he has taken on way too much, and by Thursday, he will delicate his abdication to Marathi.

Everything isn’t as it appears, and now that Lehasa’s preliminary is finished, we can at long last zero in on different things occurring in the show. Kwaito leaves Marothi A Pula proficiency program.

Thobakgale has been getting “THE” treatment from Ntate, and we are talking blossoms, heartfelt dates and senseless calls that make her laugh in the workplace with her partners looking on.

Kganyago will stun Jacobeth on Thursday when he drops the L word and makes a more huge heartfelt motion on Friday.

The mysteries notice that Khwezi will visit an opponent of Lehasas in Limpopo on Wednesday, which will make him extremely furious.

One of the young ladies will make a gigantic bumble by Thursday to save Lehasa, and he battles to keep up.

The secrets likewise say that Lehasa gets an instant message from an ex, and he begins calling her, unfortunately. It looks like Pretty is the person who chooses to leave PreHasa and afterward sends him instant messages announcing her affection for him. Khwezi will be concerned that Pretty is working her direction in once more.

As we detailed last week, Khwezi will leave the circle of drama at some point in November, making Pretty a satisfied lady.

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