SkeemSaam: Meet the father of Pretty’s unborn Baby

Skeem Saam: Meet the father of Pretty’s unborn Baby


Mantuli never treated her children the same. She loves Zamokuhle more than the others. This is because she knew that Zamokuhle is not Seakamela’s son. Her relationship with Seakamela was toxic and he left her. She took her frustrations on her children. Pretty always loved her mother though she is not getting the same treatment from her. She was dating Kat and their relationship was good. Mantuli did not like their relationship because she has problems with Charity. She bad-mouthed Charity to Meneer Manaka.
Before dating Kat she was dating Nimrod and yet their relationship was not that good. After the Scandal that happened with Kwaito, she went to Joburg to be with her friend Eunice. As they were always hanging around at Cafe Rovuwa Lehasa Maphosa liked her and invited them over where they had a very good time. Lehasa always has an agenda when it comes to relationships. He dated Pretty because he wanted to prove a point to him.

When Kat discovered that they are dating he told his friends and they went to Joburg to fetch Pretty unfortunately it was already too late. When she comes back she thought that things will be better between her and Kat. Kat could not forgive her. She is in pain whenever she sees Kat with someone. Apparently, her body has been becoming big. Some clothes do not fit her and that is making her feeling uncomfortable about herself.

She told Clement that she is feeling dizzy, mood swings are taking over, She losses her appetite, and her breast are painful. She will take a pregnancy test and the results will be positive. She will contact Lehasa and tell him the news but his response will disappoint her. There is nowhere that it could be Kat. Her mother will be furious when she finds out.

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SkeemSaam Pretty
Pretty has to face her moment of truth and it is all concealed in a pregnancy test.

Pretty has to face her moment of truth and it is all concealed in a pregnancy test. Meikie does the mature thing and gives John her support over a very delicate matter. Clement’s crush appears and disappears right before his eyes.
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Episode 63
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Episode 64
A call from the Maphosas changes everything for Pretty. Tlotliso isn’t too pleased with Clement’s forwardness regarding their pending living arrangements.
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