SkeemSaam: Paxton shows a lot of love for his father

SkeemSaam: Paxton shows a lot of love for his father

SkeemSaam fans and followers are really enjoying Mr Kgomo’s downfall. Fans are left overwhelmed after seeing Obed down with his knees and his son, Paxton, being the shoulder to cry on. SkeemSaam fans and are bashing over father and son, and they are saying that the two deserve all the suffering they can get.

Mr Kgomo has been fired from the hospital, his wife has left him with nothing. Seeing Mr Kgomo down, has touched many SkeemSaam fans and followers. In the latest episode, Paxton have tried to comfort his father regardless of his situation.

Kgomo’s downfall is being celebrated across Turfloop. It looks like the downfall of Mr Kgomo is bringing out the worse in everybody. Everyone is happy about Mr Cow’s downfall, even Charles Kunutu and Jacobeth are not celebrating his downfalls. It looks like Charles’ shop is more for gossiping and to build the Kunutu empire.

Mr Kgomo is getting his own medicine for looking down at other people, a few being arrogant to everyone. Paxton is acting like he is the one who was fired from work. Paxton is stressed about going to school but if it was another kid he would have been excited, so he can go laugh and bully them.

SkeemSaam fans a d follower are now thinking about the next person to fill his position. While others think Jacobeth should be the new hospital Supretendant, she’s been in management before.

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