SkeemSaam: Phomolo doesn’t buy Khwezikazi’s version of events.

Skeem Saam: Phomolo doesn’t buy Khwezikazi’s version of events.


Imagine Kwezi stabbed the mighty Lehasa, I mean the whole untouchable and unstoppable Lehasa for cheating on her. When i was thinking Lelo is the worst person that has ever happened to Lehasa then Khezikazi comes and takes the trophy. Now i get Lehasa when he said he and Kwezi won’t last because they are alike.

Mzansi were bit disappointed by Pietersen though. The whole scene wasn’t convincing though. Pretty was way too clean to be the culprit meanwhile Khwezi was all over the place and making sure everyone believes her talk about Lehasa. First stabbing he was gone no fight nothing.


Phomolo doesn’t buy the version of Khwezikazi. Uncle Phomolo didn’t buy Khwezi story from the beginning because Lehasa has already told him the truth about him and Pretty.

The only person who knows the truth is Phomolo. He knows too much about the relationship between Lehasa and Pretty and he also know that Lehasa was expecting to see Pretty as he even prepared romantic picnic in his room.

Phomolo also know that Khwezi should be on her way driving home. Khwezi is forgetting that she’s supposed to be on a plane going home and in the last minutes she’s at Lehasa’s place. Phomolo is the only person who can save Pretty. Khwezi’s statement has loopholes even Magongwa can see that.

Our biggest fear is Khwezi blackmailing the Banda family and Pretty becoming the sacrificial lamb. They should check Pretty’s phone for her chats with Lehasa. I wish Lehasa can wake up and be brave enough to tell the truth when he wakes up. Even though Khwezi knows his secret to he must tell the police or his uncle the truth.

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