SkeemSaam: The love story of Lehasa and Pretty inspired Mzansi

SkeemSaam: The love story of Lehasa and Pretty inspired Mzansi

Mzansi has been loving the character of Lehasa and Pretty in Skeem Saam. Skeem Saam is showing viewers and followers that traping a man using a baby has always had consequences. The Skeem Saam actor and actress Lehasa And Pretty have chemistry and everyone who following the soapies could also see their love.
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The love story between Lehasa and Pretty looks so real, many people have relates to their story. Their story has got fans and followers talking in social media.
The character of Lehasa is being played by the hunk young man know as Cedric Fourie. While the character of Pretty is currently being played by Lerato Marabe. Cedric Fourie and Lerato Marabe has stolen many hears of SkeemSaam viewers. Many fans wanted to see him behind bars after he killed Fanie. This is before he meet Pretty who happen to change everything.

Lehasa knows how to make Pretty smile. The way he talks to her it’s out of this planet. Lehasa is proof that men are always honest, we choose to hear what we want to hear. Lehasa need to do right by Pretty, this whole Khwezi thing is hurting Pretty. The problem with him is that he thinks that money solves everything. He should be honesty and truthful with Pretty so that she can know how to defend herself against Khwezi.
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Pretty really has Lehasa’s heart, we’ve never seen him beg any woman or be vulnerable the way he is with Pretty.

Pretty reminds Lehasa of how he use to love his wife Zandile that passed on. His Kate wife Zandile is the only woman she really loved him. Pretty is like a Zandile to him, she is naive yet strong a character that Lehasa finds attractive and wife material. It’s not a secrets that Lehasa is vulnerable with Pretty the way he was with Zandile.

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