SNAPS: Maps Maponyane. and the newborn baby, Congratulations are in order

SNAPS: Maps Maponyane. and the newborn baby, Congratulations are in order

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Congratulations are in order for TV presenter and Model Maps Maponyane. Maps shared a picture of a baby girl on Twitter with a simple caption: “ The most beautiful little girl in the whole world.”

It is not clear at this point whether it is Maps little girl or this is another one of those April 1st stunts, however, tweeps did not hold back from congratulating him.

IN OTHER NEWS, Doctor Sindi Van Zyl needs your help. Maps Maponyane has pleaded with his followers to donate towards doctor Sindi’s hospital bills.

Dr. Sindi is an inspirational doctor and a radio DJ, she recently parted ways with Kaya FM. She joined the station in 2019 as the host of Sidebar with Sindi (Mondays-Thursdays, 19h00- 20h00)

According to the statement shared by Maps, at least R2 Million is needed for her.

He tweeted: “This incredible woman has always been nothing but kind to all, & has actively supported countless causes & small businesses including my own. You’ll rarely encounter a human with a bigger heart. Please let’s do what we can to return.”
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Doctor Sindi was diagnosed with covid 19 at the beginning of this year, she was then admitted to hospital in February due to troubles breathing. According to the statement, the hospital costs have already exceeded one million Rands.

“Dr. Sindi cannot breathe on her own yet, and the cost of needing to be on the ventilator alone is around a hundred and fifty thousand Rands per week. She has suffered several complications related to a long stay in ICU and we need more funds to pay for her continued stay in hospital until her lungs can cope,” the statement read.

Hospital and other medical bills already paid up are estimated at R1.5 million and anticipated on-going weekly costs are between R150-R250K per week in ICU.

Here are the tweets from other celebrities who are championing this cause
Fashion Designer Thula Sindi
“#GiftSindiLife let’s help our fave get well guys, please donate towards Dr. Sindi van Zyl’s path to recovery.”
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Simphiwe Dana
“It would be heartwarming if the brands she so lovingly supported would contribute. What a lovely human Dr. Sindi is.”

TV host Olwethu Leshabane
“Dr. Sindi has selflessly done so much for our community. Now she needs us to come together for her….The way Dr. Sindi loves @LeCreusetSA @LouisVuitton and @WOOLWORTHS_SA Just a few thousand from you all would go a long way. She’s been such an ‘influencer’ for the brands”