Sneziey Msomi remembers her days with her grandmother

Sneziey Msomi remembers her days with her grandmother

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Singer Sneziey Msomi recently visited her late grandmother’s final resting place and took to her social media accounts to remember her.

It has been a year since her grandmother took her last breath, and she said after visiting her final resting place that her soul was at peace

“I went to visit my grandmother lapha endlini yakhe yokugcina I came back umoya wami is at peace 🙂 today marks a year without herContinue resting sthandwa sami. Umzukulu kaGetty noMjey.”

Sneziey lost her grandmother in 2021. She took to her Instagram page to break the news, posting a touching picture of their joined hands in what looked like a hospital bed with her grandmother’s drip on her hand. The musician said she would forever hold onto the words of her grandmother’s last prayer in which she said only God is faithful.

The singer recently raised eyebrows after she took to her Instagram account and shared a picture of her wearing an animal wristband (isiphandla). Social meida users wondered why she wore it when she is a Christian.

She explained that she is still a Christian and she loves Jesus very much. She said she is a child at home and whenever they perfom traditional ceremonies she would never go as far as questioning them

“Dear Christians, I am not a sangoma and I have not gone through any initiation process (ukuthwasa).
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“I, Sinenhlanhla Msomi, am a born again Christian and I love Jesus, but I am also a child at the Msomi household. I was raised here and the Msomis perform traditional and cultural ceremonies, so I would never go as far a questioning that,” she explained.

The singer went on to explain that her fans will still see her wearing isiphandla. She added that her family is still planning umemulo for her, which is a coming of age ceremony.

“I will not defy the rules in this household, instead I will humble myself. Remember what our Bible says about respect? It does not only apply to our pastors or the church, but also to our parents who raised us,” the singer said.

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