Sni Mhlongo confirms then deletes confirmation of Zamani Mbatha’s side

Sni Mhlongo confirms then deletes confirmation of Zamani Mbatha’s side

Sni was the one to put her assumed ex-boyfriend on blast when she shared and quickly thereafter deleted an Instagram story featuring Zamani caught with a then mystery woman in his bedroom. At the time, the identity of the woman was a mystery as she was covered in a blanket in order to avoid being recorded by Sni.

However, it seems that FBI Black Twitter takes the cup again in terms of investigation skills as they believe they have found the identity of the woman in question.

When news of Zamani Mbatha’s adulterous ways went viral, it was assumed that the woman in the story shared by Sni was none other than Amapiano vocalist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela. But Kamo was quick to defend herself against the rumours making it clear that the circulated interaction between them was two years ago.

As such, the search for the identity of the woman in the video started in earnest. While many could not find even an inkling as to who the woman was. It seems that someone with an eye for detail was able to zoom in on the tattoo from the video.

Thereafter, they were somehow able to pick out the details on the tattoo and the search for her identity then led to the belief that the woman in question was none other than dancer and choreographer Gomo Maloka.

While the identity of the woman in question might have been a shot in the dark, as there could not be any conclusive proof that it was actually her. But Sni’s Twitter account seemed to add fuel to the fire as she went on to tweet confirming that it was in fact Gomo that was captured in her video, in a since-deleted tweet.

Unlike Kamo Mphela, Gomo has not addressed the matter of whether it is her or not that was caught in bed with Zamani Mbatha. This could be because the matter has not reached her, or she does not care to get involved in the drama between the estranged partners.

Moreover, it seems that Zamani Mbatha is doing just fine after he was exposed on social media. As reported recently:

When news of Zamani Mbatha’s adulterous ways went viral. It seems that the only person that was surprised that Zamani was an alleged serial cheater was Sni. This is as scores of social media users seemed to use the opportunity to share their experiences of seeing Zamani cheating.

[As such] Zamani… proved exactly why there is the saying, “After God, fear (wo)men.” This is as you would expect the actor to take some time away from social media or address the matter with a statement. But instead, Zamani just asserted that he is doing just fine without his girlfriend as he posted via his Instagram Stories that he is happy and still gallivanting these streets and it seems that the actor has moved on.

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