Snyman Rankane was arrested today for beating up his wife.

Snyman Rankane was arrested today for beating up his wife.

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Retired Motsweding FM broadcaster Snyman Rankane was arrested by the police in North West after he allegedly beat his wife and violently pushed her that she hit her head against a kitchen island.

The incident occurred at their marital range in Brits on Saturday last week. Relating her ordeal, Rankane’s wife, who didn’t want to be named, said she was reception when her husband arrived and demanded that her sister’s daughter, whom they need been living with for several years, vacate the house because he wanted to measure in peace.

She said when she objected to his demand, he threatened to travel to the magistrate’s court to get a protection order against her. “I said over my body …When we were buying the house, I paid R500 000 deposit, which I got from my late husband’s pension funds,” she said.

“I told him that we are married in community of property.”

Rankane’s wife further accused him of eager to kick the girl out of the house because he wanted to roll in the hay her, but she rejected his s.e.xual advances.

“The girl told me that he had been eager to roll in the hay her, but she rejected him. that’s why he wanted to kick her out.”

She said after the argument, Rankane started burning what seemed to be muthi on their stove within the kitchen, adding that she visited the stove and extinguished the burning stuff.
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“He got so angry, slapped, and pushed me. I hit my head against the kitchen island and fell on the ground … I drove to the police headquarters ,” she said. She added that the police initially refused to assist her open a case, saying Rankane had the proper to burn the things within the house.

After a couple of minutes, she said, Rankane received the police headquarters and therefore the star-struck cops mobbed him, took him aside, and spoke to him privately.

When she asked why they weren’t arresting him, she said they told her that Rankane had opened a case against her for violating the protection order he obtained against her.

“I told them the protection order only prohibits me from giving people a lift in my car. So I asked them what does the assault need to do with that? They told me to travel and sleep at my mother’s house, which I did.”

Rankane promised to reply , but had not done so at the time of getting to print. Police spokesperson Adele Myburgh confirmed that the couple was arrested on Sunday and released on Monday after they agreed to withdraw cases against one another .