Solomon Izang talks about Winnie Mashaba’s pregnancy

Solomon Izang talks about Winnie Mashaba’s pregnancy

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Mzanzi was startled and happy for Dr Winnie Mashaba after she disclosed the exciting news about her first pregnancy. People have differing viewpoints, and they have been vocal about them on social media, but what has surprised many is Solomon Izang Ashoms’s true feelings about the pregnancy. This is what he stated, ” He would like to postpone his congratulations to the singer and to further state that he has learned not to congratulate any sinful choices including his, I don’t want to encourage compromising biblical truth for our personal gratification”.

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This post by Solomon has sparked a lot of debate, with some calling the journalist bitter because he appears to attack everyone, while others are surprised that he is out of jail, and others claiming that “he is a very jealous person and he should remember that no one has appointed him as a deputy Jesus”, not to mention that one said “we all have different interpretations of the same issue so it doesn’t matter if he congratulates her or not”.