Somizi admits to his suicidal tendencies


Somizi admits to his suicidal tendencies

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It is with absolutely no doubt that the 50-year-old Somizi Mhlongo has done great for himself. His fame began back in 1992 when he acted in a movie which is still a “thing” today (Sarafina). Somizi didn’t give up after Sarafina. His hunger for fame was extreme to the point of no return.

He has been having it all. i mean he is a great presenter, he is an actor and a choreographer all at once. He is living the life most of us dream of.

Well i guess it’s true when they say; you can’t have it all. Who knew that Somizi would get married just to get divorced in just two years. Obviously that situation is very depressing. His ex husband Mohale Motaung doesn’t seem to be as stressed as Somizi is when looking at what he posts on his social media platforms.

I guess between two people there will always be the one who loves more than the other.

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With the level of people commiting suicide in South Africa is growing each and everyday. Where celebrities are always on the headlines about this issue in particular. The most recent celebrity to take his life being Ricky rick.

Somizi Mhlongo also took to his Social media platform that he also does get to a point where he has suicidal thoughts.

“If you are thinking of suicide today, I plead with you to think the way I think because I also do have suicidal thoughts, I did have suicidal thoughts, I have never attempted it, but I’ve had because of the s*** going on in my life, but today after seeing those videos I’ve realised I don’t want to die, I want to live, but the things causing me pain have to die,” he said.

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Can it be because of what had transpired between him and the 27year old Mohale Motaung? Or there is just a lot going on behind closed doors.

I guess this life is surprising. I mean, you look at celebrities and think they have it all, because of what we see on social media. We even wish we were in their shoes. Not knowing that they too go through some things like any other human beings. I guess money really cannot buy any happiness.

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