Somizi And MaMkhize’s party Durban will never forget

Somizi And MaMkhize’s party Durban will never forget

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Show me your favourite celebrity friends duo and I will show you mine. What Somizi and MaMkhize did in Durban can never be undid. The duo literally showed these millennials how its done and it will take some time to outdo them.
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One would think that just because MaMkhize is this rich and lives this amazing lifestyle and then you would think she is uptight and boring, well if thst is what you thought, you better think again because MaMkhize has shown that she is such a vibe and no one does it like her.

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There was an all white party in Durban last night at Max’s lifestyle and guess who your hosts were? It was Somizi and MaMkhize, the two shut the place down, dancing it all night long. They looked like they really had a great time and honestly we love this for them we just stan at this point.


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