Somizi and Mohale are against Legend Manqele because of their wedding money


Somizi and Mohale are against Legend Manqele because of their wedding money

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Somizi and Mohale had a traditional wedding in September 2019 and their white wedding in January 2020. Before their wedding, the pair sold the broadcasting rights of the wedding special to Bar Leader TV – which also produced Living the Dream with Somizi – which was aired on Mzansi Magic.

However, the company led by Legend Manqele reportedly failed to pay the pair two years after the wedding special was broadcast on Showmax. Somhale announced their divorce in August 2021 after Mohale accused Somizi of physically and psychologically abusing him – in leaked audio clips between himself and the producer of Somizi’s reality series – Legend.

The divorce proceedings appeared to be messy, from the trailer of season five of the reality series, but a local publication reports that the pair have teamed up to fight Legend for allegedly failing not to pay them.

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According to the letter, seen by a local publication – Somizi and Mohale, who were represented by their company, Elahom Events signed an agreement with Manqele’s company to film and broadcast their wedding for a R1.5 million fee.

The lawyer reportedly said that they wrote a letter to Legend in July 2021 pleading with him to pay Somhale but he said he was awaiting documents from the South African Revenue Service (SARS), as well as documentation from his team before he could respond to the letter.

Other documentation was reportedly requested by Legend and allegedly received but the pair claim they were still not paid. The lawyers have instructed Manqele to pay the money and they threatened to take legal action against him and possibly liquidate to recover the money if he fails to pay.

The publication says Mohale “pleaded ignorance” and said “it’s not true,” while Somizi declined to comment. Legend on the other hand says it is between Somizi and SARS.

“Somizi must take it up with SARS,” he said to the publication.

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