Somizi and Mohale constantly raise suspicions about them

Somizi and Mohale constantly raise suspicions about them

From the time they started chemical analysis up to currently, Somizi and Mohale have faced new public criticism.

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they assert they need ne’er been ready to fancy their relationship in peace and have usually had to deny rumors of a split. Despite the relentless public attention, the couple remains sturdy, united, and smitten

Since day one, the wedding of Somizi Mhlongo Motaung and Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo has been beneath intense scrutiny. If it’s not individuals inculpative Mohale of marrying Somizi for his cash, it’s bloggers and tabloids inculpative Mohale of victimization his new fame to urge ahead within the show business, and currently, the recent allegations that he has bumped off of their marital zero in the bifoliate suburban area of Dainfern. there’s ne’er an uninteresting moment within the lives of this couple, and it all plays enter public. Recently, Somizi came under fire for business enterprise contacts of journalists on social media once they asked if there was a hassle in paradise between him and Mohale.

Somizi and Mohale square measure still significantly married and head over heels smitten.

“I honestly don’t have associated problems once individuals have an interest in my wedding as a result of I exposed it to them, however giving individuals a glimpse into my life doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to privacy. I even have to safeguard my space!” the known Idols African country choose exclaims.

NO SMOKE while not FIRE?

It’s not the primary time that Mohale has been suspecting of moving out of the house he shares with Somizi. Late last year, social media was droning with individuals sharing their opinions concerning Somhale’s wedding once rumors surfaced that Mohale had walked removed from his wedding as a result of the couple failed to attend a dinner along.

In his usual and cuddlesome animated tone, Somizi sets the record straight and says, “Mohale and that I haven’t get a divorce, however, we’ve challenges rather like the other couple out there. We’re lucky that we’ve alternative homes to revisit once we opt for to not be within the same house, therefore we have a tendency to either move to our zero in the Vaal or Zimbali.”

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Mohale interjects, “It’s very easy to be consumed by what individuals say, however, we have a tendency to don’t let it get to us! we’ve learned that we’ve no management over what individuals say and that we can’t stop individuals from talking concerning our wedding. each couple goes through a rough patch however as a result of individuals have placed our relationship on a pedestal, they suppose we have a tendency to can’t have issues, can’t fight or undergo what others undergo.”

Mohale says what matters is that they’re okay and going sturdy. “We try and always remember why we have a tendency to feel smitten, particularly once we hit a coffee purpose. what’s vital is wherever we wish to check ourselves.”


Somizi is frank and says through expertise, he has learned that it’s individuals getting ready to them World Health Organization share the news whenever he and his husband don’t see eye to eye. “Sometimes I tell only 1 person and if it gets out there, I do know it’s the person I told. altogether honesty, that’s why I even have down pat keeping things to myself. after you grasp the reality, nothing else matters,” says Somizi.

A truth he’s not kept to reveal is that the one everyone seems to be once. individuals suppose that Mohale is with him for his cash. Some laughs and says sardonically, “Honestly, it’ll take someone World Health Organization is basically in it for cash to abdomen ME. I’m one or two. I’m not an associate enabler: even my girl is aware of she has got to earn everything as a result of nothing comes on old money. you’ve got to figure for things. I do know it for an undeniable fact that it’s not true that Mohale is with ME for cash.”

He adds that individuals have most to mention as a result of they need to be detected Mohale’s growth. “If today, Mohale was the constant person he was once I met him, I might leave him as a result of it might mean there’s one thing wrong with him,” Somizi says. He maintains that there’s nothing wrong if Mohale is that the person he’s these days thanks to him.

“If the actual fact that he’s Somizi’s husband has created it easier for him, therefore be it and that I continually say he mustn’t ever apologize for it. He has advanced himself and has worked onerous to be wherever he’s. He might be a do-nothing and live off ME, however, he’s not doing that. Everything we have a tendency to kill the house, we have a tendency to bed along. he’s employed for his cash and ne’er asks ME for cash, and that’s the reality.”

Mohale is additionally an associate with an open book once it involves this ill-natured issue. “People suppose I’m once his cash and I’m grateful that he has ne’er created ME desire what individuals square measure speech is true. Instead, he has supported ME and guaranteed ME that he loves ME for World Health Organization I’m. I mean, individuals conjointly didn’t perceive why I might date somebody older than ME. I had to come to a decision what I needed and keep going as a result of I really like Somizi,” says Mohale.

He explains that what helps him affect the criticism is that he determined from early in his life that he wouldn’t permit individuals to dictate World Health Organization he loves and once.
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“I have developed skin and determined an extended time past that I’m not reaching to hear each dog that barks. I don’t care what individuals say, particularly since my family has accepted ME and my husband. I don’t wish to worry concerning individuals out there as a result of they’ll continually have their own opinions,” he warns severely.


What many folks don’t grasp is that Mohale has a formidable background and was a palmy bourgeois manner before he met Somizi. Mohale was born in shrub vale, Soweto, to folks World Health Organization square measure public servants. They work for the National Prosecuting Authority of African countries as prosecutors. “We lived there with my mommy, pop, and previous sister till I used to be 9 years old. Then my folks bought a house in Kibler Park, south of Joburg, and that we are emotional,” he reminisces.

Mohale says growing up, his folks want to tell him concerning the worth of education. “I had continually loved medical doctors. As I grew, I noticed I used to be added into economic science and business than science. I made a decision I needed to be in commerce or be associate bourgeois,” he says, adding that he listed for a degree in economic science, however, is nevertheless to end it

“I opened my very own business, then again I struggled to juggle faculty and a business. I’ll return this year and add promoting thanks to the companies I run,” says Mohale.

Somizi says he’s interested in Mohale thanks to his brains. “I love that he’s intelligent. For me, appearance while not intelligence square measure valueless,” he boasts.

Besides social media campaigns, Mohale is functioning on a virtual admission dance and needs to expand his Instagram program, Let’s speak With Mohale, which deals with problems facing the youth and taking it to YouTube to make a bigger audience. “I ne’er thought I might become a temperament. within the starting, it wont to scare ME as a result of I’m an associate introvert and that I love my house. I virtually had to work out however I used to be reaching to let individuals into my house while not losing myself. It’s straightforward to lose yourself once the celebrity bug bites. I made a decision to feed off it and grow everything from it. it absolutely was uncomfortable initially, and currently, it’s a breeze.”
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THE AGE distinction

While the age distinction between Somizi (48) and Mohale (26) looks to trouble several, it adds price to Mohale. “Somizi is intimate with and I’m learning heaps from him, together with however he views life and relationships,” Mohale admits, adding that once he met Somizi, the age distinction wasn’t a problem. “It wasn’t concerning our age,” he exclaims. “When we have a tendency to had the language, he was happy by my mature approach. there have been ne’er limitations and he has ne’er created ME feel that I’m young which he’s older. Love is love and if you’re keen on somebody, age doesn’t matter.”

Somizi says walking into this relationship, he did therefore knowing alright that he’s over twenty years older than Mohale. “But, I don’t deprive him of his youth. He still lives his life and enjoys it.”

Every couple goes through a rough patch however as a result of individuals have placed our relationship on a pedestal, they suppose we have a tendency to can’t have issues

It’s evident that Somizi associated Mohale have an understanding and square measure enjoying their wedding, virtually a year and a [*fr1] later. trying back to wherever and the way they met, Mohale can’t stop smiling. He relays the story… “I met Somizi in Gregorian calendar month 2017. His book, Dominoes: Unbreakable

Spirit – The Somizi Mhlongo Story, had simply embarked, ed and that I had bought it. My first cousin had come back from a metropolis and that we saw that there was a book language. we have a tendency to determined to travel. At the time, I knew Somizi as a result of we have a tendency to lived within the same neighborhood, however, I had ne’er formally met him. within the morning once driving to figure, I might see him reaching to work additionally,” Mohale remembers.

“At the book language, he signed ‘Thanks for the support, your future husband’ in my copy. we have a tendency to each laughed and so took selfies. Some requested that once I post the images, I ought to tag him,” says Mohale.

He announces the images once 3 weeks and labeled Somizi. Somgaga forthwith followed Mohale back. “It was an incredible feeling as a result of I hunt to him. I used to be additional his fan then,” Mohale admits. Then in Sep 2017, Mohale announces an image of himself in ancient regalia to that Somizi commented, “That is however you’re reaching to scrutinize our ancient wedding.” They each laughed concerning it and in no time, Somizi had DMed his image carrying his ancient apparel for Heritage Day. From then on, they started chatting and eventually determined to fulfill.
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We had our initial date at The Palazzo. It was an incredible night. we have a tendency to chilled and talked. I ought to expertise a special aspect of Somizi from the one individuals grasp on TV. I believed he was continually bubbly, creating jokes and happy, however, he was really kept and didn’t speak a lot. At first, I used to be intimidated as a result of he was an enormous temperament,” Mohale says. In no time, they attached and enjoyed many dates.

” We have a tendency to rural area opt for dinner, occasional and frozen dessert as a result of we have a tendency to lived getting ready to one another. I ought to see what he likes outside of Instagram and he was open concerning World Health Organization he’s.”

Mohale remembers Somizi telling him, once a handful of months of dating: ” Wena! I’m reaching to marry you!” Well, the remainder is history.

The couple discovered they need plans to feature a replacement member in their family.

” we’ve spoken concerning having youngsters associated square measure viewing surrogacy as a choice, however that will be 2 years from currently Somizi aforesaid.