Somizi announces: I am not afraid of losing anyone

Somizi announces: I am not afraid of losing anyone

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Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has left his fans mixed-up following a series of Instagram stories wherever he’s lashing out at pretending individuals.


Somgaga UN agency is thought for invariably speaking his mind, had another storytelling chance on his Instagram wherever he graciously clapped back at pretend individuals by putt them in their place and reminding them that he’s not negotiating his price with anyone and he can forever be worthwhile. Somizi spoke regarding protective his peace and belongings individuals go if they feel thus, he additionally highlighted the importance of trust, loyalty, respect.

“I was creating everybody else happy whereas I wasn’t happy. It’s my flip currently,” he wrote. “Don’t be frightened of losing individuals. Be frightened of losing yourself making an attempt to please everybody around you.”

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Fans commented on his rant on Twitter and that they are questioning if he’s surfing a rough patch together with his spouse Mohale once more. Some are causation him love and lightweight as he’s on the face of it surfing a troublesome time.

– “I genuinely hope a bright… we all know Somizi needed things to figure out thus badly brah, he created it thus obvious that Mohale nongonococcal urethritis alpha & omega wakhe however ke we tend to all reach a limit. I pity him alot coz ndisazi kakuhle esi’stage brah (I do not know this stage).
– “No quantity of cash should purchase happiness.”
-“Tina our bank balances are teka tekaring and he thought his relationship won’t teka tekaring. currently he has became a psychological feature speaker coz umshado uya teka teka. however anyway let Pine Tree State drink my water and mind my tearing bank balance”
-“So it eventually ends in tears … all the time . mjolo is consistent, you higher respect it.”

Although he didn’t take away an excessive amount of into what prompted his rant, however, he was projecting some fireplace. a number of his fans are suspecting that he’s pertaining to his fallout together with his bestie TT Mbha or his husband Mohale-Motaung.


The couple’s romance has convex headlines on various occasions amid speculation that there’s a hassle in paradise. the 2 wear many occasions rubbished claims of unrequited love as several were accusative Mohale of being cold towards Somizi.

Somizi recently displayed regarding the challenges they need to be practiced in their annual wedding “My relationship is precisely like every alternative relationship. It’s got its ups and downs and at the instant, we tend to face that annual challenge of the wedding,” he told bless Mdoda.

Somizi aforementioned if his wedding fails then he would have succeeded in not staying in Associate in Nursing sad wedding. The Idols reserves choose has been disbursement time together with his bestie Vusi star and yesterday he hosted a brunch at his place that was attended by his friends and Mohale was obscurity to be seen.

Somgaga additionally went on a visit to the Mpumalanga province together with his suite and Mohale was left behind.