Somizi comforts heartbroken Vusi Nova

Somizi comforts heartbroken Vusi Novascreenshot 2021 03 11 0012222222222

Vusi Nova is currently browsing it all. The musician had announced that he lost a beloved and had to mention his final goodbye in the week. His ally Somizi also expressed how heartbroken he’s for his friend and collaborator. In a now deleted Instagram post, Vusi shared an image of his uncle’s resting place on Wednesday and captioned it “Rest Uncle P.” Showing how heartbroken he’s, Vusi posted a blank post with a heartbroken emoji. Somgaga then commented by saying, “I’m here by your side 24/7.” The pair’s friendship has always been placed under the radar and their every advance social media is questioned. Their 16-year friendship has made them each other’s shoulders to cry on. Vusi Nova and Somizi are rumoured to be an item however Vusi poured cold water to those claims. In an interview with Jon Savage on his What’s Your Poison? podcast, Vusi admitted that he trusts Somgaga together with his life. “I have known Somizi for 16 years. I met him before I even got into the music industry. He’s so real and supportive. Somizi is one among those genuine folks that believes that if you’ve got a dream, regardless of how big, you’ll work towards it and achieve it. “His success has been motivation on behalf of me to believe this is often possible. Somizi lives proof that reaching your dreams is feasible. It’s rarely you discover someone you’re ready to trust together with your life and once you do find someone like this, it’s important to nurture that relationship. “People out there are saying that we are dating but we’re not dating. we’ve mutual respect for every other and that we trust one another tons … With us, it’s realness all the way. It’s been 16 years now and we’re still going strong,” he said.


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