Somizi completely changed and became someone else.

Somizi completely changed and became someone else.


Somizi has done a chiskop! The choreographer and media personality shared the pictures of his new look on social media.

He tweeted: “New look…new me lol, not that deep but deep, happy Saturday.”
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Best known for rocking weaves and trendy hair colors, this new look evoked some divided opinions. @lunabakes on Instagram responded: “you look amazing, wow the cut iyakuhlala”
Lesiba894: “I thought you were joking when you said you would pull this look off.”

Others, however, decided to add some spice and started speculating that this has something to do with his relationship. @OurkingB tweeted: “You know what they say about cut hair after break up.”

The popular Mr smeg wrote: “yesssss Mani SomGakes, Somgaga, yeva kengoku udakxelela! Such fire and energy. I love it. Don’t let Mjolo beat you. Box Umjolo with your sexiness and success. I yes you wena Rhaaa! Uyandichaza kanjan. Just remember I am here if you ever need a shoulder to cry on.”

The Idols judge marriage has been reported to be on the rocks as tweeps continue to speculate that Somizi and his husband Mohale are headed for divorce.

Earlier this year, Somizi found himself in a situation with the South African News Editors Forum(SANEF) when he was ordered to apologize to Sunday World journalist Kabelo Khumalo and City Press’s Julia Madibogo. This after both journalists sent Somizi questions asking him about his divorce.

Somizi responded by posting screenshots of his conversation with Julia on his social media revealing her private number and also asking his followers to dial her number. SANEF then released a statement calling for Somizi to apologize.

In a lengthy video, Somizi explained that he will not apologize, however, he admitted that he was wrong.
“I am not apologizing for what I did. The only thing that I know I did wrong was to post her private number but I did that deliberately… I decided to make the journalist feel what it feels like to have your privacy invaded. And I posted the message that she sent me on my social media and I posted it with her number, and since then people are saying there must be action taken against me.


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“Some of my close friends were saying I must apologize and people even went to a point where they tagged companies I work with, I don’t feel like I have to apologize for standing up for myself. The only thing I am apologizing for was publicizing the private number,” he said.

The pair have rubbished their marriage rumors. Somizi told Truelove magazine that they have not been able to enjoy their marriage because of constant speculation about them. “Mohale and I have never split up,” he told the Publication.