Somizi: English never loved me from day one

Somizi: English never loved me from day one


Much loved SA celeb Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung, has admitted that he has been making a song a well-known music wrong for extra than a decade.
Somizi took to Instagram where he shared a video letting his lovers and fans know that he’s been singing the lyrics to “Sarafina’s” “Zibuyile Emasisweni” wrong, even though he turned into part of the “Sarafina” stage play for five years.

A shirtless Somizi made the video at the same time as moisturizing his eyes.

He captioned it: “English by no means loved me from day one”.

“So there’s a tune i used to be making a song this morning and I thought, all along I’ve been making a song the wrong lyrics. It turned into from ’Sarafina’ the level play. It became the outlet tune and i did ’Sarafina’ for 5 years. We traveled all over the globe, Asia, us, Europe, you call it, Australia,” said Somizi earlier than breaking out into the tune.

He then admitted that at some stage in the five years he confidently sang “I was born in the village wherein the cows go crazy” in place of “I used to be born within the village in which the cows go grazing”.

In real Somizi spirit, he laughed at himself before announcing “and I’m certain I’m now not the handiest one”.

His fanatics laughed alongside him at the same time as others requested how did he sooner or later comprehend he’d been singing it incorrectly.

Watch the video:

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English never loved me from day one

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