Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi’s friendship ends badly

Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi’s friendship ends badly

Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Nkayi were once best friends who were cherished by many. However, things turned south for the duo, and they ended things badly. The main reason for their fallout has not been revealed, and Unathi decided to set records straight concerning the issue.

Unathi Nkayi has finally lifted the lid on the many questions her fans have wanted her to address.

The media personality had a tell-all interview with her friend and industry colleague Gareth Cliff on a new podcast titled Uncancelled. In it, she spoke about lost friends, her relationship with her ex-husband, and her dating life.

Unathi revealed that Somizi is untrustworthy and not loyal. He chooses sides, says Unathi, who had to be professional on @idolssa while her friendship with Somizi was on the rocks

“Thomas and I got divorced. You #GarethCliff and #RandallAbrahams didn’t choose sides, and he did. Even when we sat at the judging table and I was professional, he chose sides. It was fine for him to go on boy’s trips with Thomas, but we said you don’t cross this line now. He’d come back and speak smack about me on the same reality show, so now you’re showing you’re choosing sides.”

Unathi, who sang like a canary, went on to say… “I don’t hate him; we haven’t fought; we just don’t have a relationship because he chose sides.” Unathi is also suing @kayaon959 for unfair dismissal.

The revamping of the judging panel for season 18 of Idols SA in 2022 saw Unathi axed after being on the show for 10 seasons.

Announcing the new panel, the director of local entertainment channels for M-Net Shirley Adonisi said the show was taking a fresh approach, expressing her gratitude to Unathi and Randall Abrahams.

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