Somizi Mhlongo clears himself of assault allegations

Somizi Mhlongo clears himself of assault allegations

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SOMZI Mhlongo has broken his silence about the abuse allegations labeled against him by his estranged husband, Mohale.

He has decided to tell his side of the story and opened up about what really happened in their marriage. Somizi has been silent about this matter since he stated that the matter will be handling by his lawyers. However, with the widespread report about him abusing Mohale, he has decided to come clean and informed people of what really happened.
Somizi Mhlongo

Moments after Somizi released this statement, Mnet had released their own statement too which stated that they have reached a mutual agreement to have Somizi given time off to sort out his life.

In a lengthy post that he made on Instagram, Somizi started off by confirming that indeed they are going for a divorce but he want it done fairly and peacefully. It will be remembered that there had been rumours going around that Mohale wants a divorce so that he can take half of Somizi’s assets.

Some people even went as far as labelling him as the “biggest looter” saying that he came to the marriage just to ‘loot’ Mhlongo’s finances. They said that Mohale entered the marriage with nothing but now he has attained status, power and money, all because of Somizi. He would not have been in this level if it was not for Somizi, so they say.

Mohale set the record straight in his recording on Living The Dream With Somizi whereby he stated that although they are married in community of property but is not interested in Somizi’s assets and finances. All he want is the car that Somizi damaged when they had a fight and his clothes that Somizi destroyed.

Responding to all the reports about abuse allegations, Somizi stated that it breaks his heart having to find himself defending his honour as a result of someone he loved so deeply and genuinely.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would obe day have to defend my bonour as a result of someone I have so loved so deeply and genuinely.

Our relationship had its ups and downs, but I’ve never been physically or knowingly emotionally abusive towards my estranged husband. I vehemently deny the allegations of criminal act towards him and would like to clear my name of that defamation.

What I am going to state, however, is that we had one altercation in which I had to defend myself and both of us were physically hurt by the other. I am at this stage not at liberty to dive deeper into the details but can state that he is not a victim in this situation,” read the statement.

When asked about the sexual abuse details, he said that he is not at liberty to speak about it as it is a very private matter.

Many celebrities had rallied behind Mohale and showed him support in this difficult time he is facing and Twitter as well have been calling on SABC and Mnet ro release Somizi until this is over.

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An abuser displays gross public affection, creates this persona of a loving, generous, kind etc partner in public so that no one believes the victim when they finally fight back. They are obsessed with protecting their reputation. Those days are over…

I believe Mohale

This is also another common tactic. “You all witnessed how much I loved him. I even took him to go meet my parents. He’s the only person I’ve ever taken home..” to oil up the chain to claim innocence. The victim card yet again.