Somizi on his marriage “If it fails, I would have succeeded in not staying in an unhappy place”

Somizi on his marriage “If it fails, I would have succeeded in not staying in an unhappy place”


Somizi recently had AN interview with the blessing and therefore the Club on 947 to speak concerning various things like life, love, marriage, failure, and more. The celebrity WHO has systematically been within the spotlight for his varied achievements shared his views on weddings and failure with the team.

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung could be a well-known South African actor, media temperament, and creator. He recently conjointly took up the title of cook, when the terribly successful unleash of his cookery book secured its position because the highest-selling cookery book within the country.

The multi-talented Somizi conjointly includes a new exciting project which is able to be free terribly shortly. going the United States jumpy with a secret collaboration, fans cannot wait to visualize what he has been preparation up.

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Somizi has continually spoken his mind and now, he spoke nothing however facts. The interview clip was free on Twitter and folks were touched by what Somizi had to mention on wedding and failure.

Everyone is aware of concerning his relationship with Mohale Motaung. the 2 are married for a short time and square measure head over heels for every different. However, there’s continually guaranteed to be some hassle in paradise.

Tweeps have created their thoughts quite clear on the 2 as rumors of their ‘broken’ wedding are flying around. The news of them being sad along circulates very often, despite it being simply rumored.

Recently, tweeps dragged Mohale for being ‘left behind’ as Somizi and Vusi star vacationed in Cape Town. Despite creating it clear that Mohale was busy, the nasty comments failed to stop.

In the interview, Somizi mentions, however, he and Mohale square measure inquiring traditional annual relationship issues. What he aforesaid next touched the hearts of the many.

He expressed that albeit his wedding failing, he would have succeeded in not staying in AN sad place. Somizi is aware of WHO he’s, which could be a fighter. His wise words took folks swiftly and that they took to Twitter to specific their thoughts on an equivalent.

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Someone tweeted ‘I suppose plenty people ought to observe of what @somizi aforesaid, that ought to your wedding or relationship fail you must not see yourself as a failure however somewhat be happy as a result of you walked removed from a state of affairs that created you sad, which takes strength and courage!’

Another commented spoken communication ‘He’s honest which too takes bravery. Most celebrities fake all’s well even if we’re all human,we know there’s ups & downs altogether relationships. Strength to each of them as they navigate this dangerous patch.’

Someone else aforesaid that she was galvanized by his words and that we couldn’t agree more! folks commented business Somizi honest and praying for his happy wedding. The honesty and vulnerability that he showed throughout the interview square measure what allowed him to achieve bent on the folks listening.

There aren’t any obstacles 2 folks loving cannot conquer along. we have a tendency to would like Somizi and Mohale a contented and long marriage!

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