Somizi posted a naked picture and fans noticed these 2 things

Somizi posted a naked picture and fans noticed these 2 things

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As we all know that South Africans are social media people and they love acting as detectives and they’re actually doing a pretty good job because at this time they were able to pick something from a picture.

This is after they is attending picture of the celebrity and then people were actually analysing it in every best wish that begin and most of the people we actually laughing because they seem that is starting a new year on a bad note.

Now that always been done the picture was spotted and then there is something that actually was second on the picture that you’ll see on this article and then you realise that there is something that people saw.
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Life is not all about social media and people should refrain from playing on social media and take it off the lights because imagine if you have a child and then your child is to CDs when they grow up.
Meda Personality Somizi Mhlongo has found himself on Twitter trends after posting a naked picture of himself on Instagram.

The picture was deleted in a space of an hour but luckily a user noticed and screened shot it before it was removed.

In the picture, the Metro FM presenter is seen standing in the roof of a house or flat while he is naked and posing.

People are not sure why he deleted it but some believe that it was because of the shade that showed his private part.

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Alot of users also started to comment on the picture and said all the things they could.

“Vusi Nova is f***ing Somizi guys” one tweep said of the flirty relationship between the singer and the TV personality.

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It is believed that he was with Vusi Nova celebrating the new year. The two have been rumored to be dating but they have denied the allegations. However, Vusi Nova is updating his social media pictures with Somizi’s presence. This picture below also fuelled the rumors

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