Video: Somizi reveals why he does not continue with hubby Mohale

Video: Somizi reveals why he does not continue with hubby Mohale
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Somizi complained that Mohale doesn’t offer him the eye he deserves and doesn’t bit him as typically as he would really like.

Somizi complained last year concerning Mohale’s behaviour however the video wasn’t taken seriously.

“I told him that him being on the phone all the time, and on behalf of me I found it to be too selfish. If you’re on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, you’re taking footage, selfies, and that i want i used to be that phone to be touched like that. Then he says you’re invariably on your phone and that i accomplished I became that person as a result of once he became silent within the relationship, I was like, let ME conjointly visit my phone,” Somizi same.

He went on, “Two wrongs don’t create a right here. I side fuel to the hearth. I created it okay for him to hold on as he failed to suppose the rationale i used to be invariably on my phone was that he was invariably on his phone. I told him that 2 wrongs don’t create a right.

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“It continues to be a speech communication we tend to ar attending to have as a result of nothing has modified. i’ll have to be compelled to offer him AN demand that it’s either it’s attending to be ME or your phone. It can’t be each. i’ll say that with politeness.”

“It is thus unhappy that somebody may be replaced by a radiotelephone. I notice it rude, deadly and cold however there’s an answer. you’ll sit down and tell him that you just notice it disrespectful. it’s not simply dangerous within the chamber however even outside.”

“As partners, you would like to come back up with the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that employment in your relationship. they’re completely different for every relationship.… it’s not the phone’s downside. it’s the one that picks up the phone. So, we tend to aren’t blaming the phone, the phone doesn’t choose itself up.”


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Mohale, World Health Organization looks to not be fazed by Somizi’s excessive ‘social distancing’ on him, has done very little to be awake to his unloved husband.

Somizi is currently rumoured to be living in separate homes with Mohale as he currently spends most of his time with Vusi star.