Somizi says gay cheating is like a rugby finale #AskAMan I am finished

Somizi says gay cheating is like a rugby finale #AskAMan I am finished

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Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has stated boldly that he wouldn’t leave his partner should he get cheated on. The cheating could happen several times, as many as 75 times, but he wouldn’t leave instead he would forgive 75 times.

The media personality said these shocking statements on the newest episode of Metro FM’s popular segment from Dineo Ranaka and Naked DJ‘s The Bridge, called #AskAMan. the favored segment which has helped fix many relationships sees callers seeking help in their relationships and Somizi always gives the foremost hilarious advices.

Recently the subject was about cheating and Somgaga added his own 2 cents saying he wouldn’t leave because he’s not strong enough to try to to so. He said that gay cheating is sort of a rugby finale. the person who wears many hats say he will rather get dumped rather than leave.

Whether speaking from experience or not, Som Som’s response left many in stitches.
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“Somizi makes such a lot sense, it’s a choice humans makes to commit and stick with one person. We evolve, things change. We fall in and out of affection .

“Honesty is that the best, just lay everything out there and let someone make a choice if they need to remain or not. sometimes you become too emotionally invested and forgive, which forgiveness fuels the Cheating because they know you’ll stay.

#AskAMan what somizi is saying is, you can’t date someone for quite 5years and expect them to not change. People are meant to vary and evolve. If you opt to remain , that’s your cross to hold

“I accept as true with @somizi 100% on how he dissected the concept of monogamy not being realistic, having explained it the way he did, It makes such a lot sense to me too. In life you recover from everything. We just choose vary beings & attempt to commit #AskAMan.”