Somizi shares with his fans the sadness and pain he suffers

Somizi shares with his fans the sadness and pain he suffers

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Somizi Mhlongo is claimed to travel through a rough page in his wedding. The somebody, idols choose and choreograph teacher Somizi UN agency is at the guts of the many South Africans. you cannot mention gayness in SA and leave Somizi out.

You also cannot mention idols and leave Somizi out, you cannot mention choreograph academics and leave Somizi out. you cannot conjointly mention fashion eccentricity and leave Somizi out. that’s Somizi, for these speculations, it might be a misunderstanding on his standing. Fans invariably have the way of twisting stories, check this out:

It looks although there may be a touch little bit of hassle in paradise. Somizi Mhlongo trended on social media once a Twitter user shared screenshots of his Instagram Stories. Twitter user @Xola_Nukani shared Somizi’s posts and captioned his tweets: “AkasaGowi Somizi ninani,” – (Somizi goes through loads, you guys). Somizi went on a rant on his Instagram account regarding the essential desires of a relationship. The Idols SA choose spoke largely regarding trust, loyalty and the way he is not expendable. Somizi: Mzansi media temperament impresses fans with attractive house Somizi conjointly shared the actual fact that he thinks he’s worthwhile which you mustn’t be fearful of losing individuals.

Somizi's Heart Breaking Status

Social media users then began to invest what Somizi’s troubles square measure regarding. Somizi Mhlongo took to social media to share his frustration and fans began unpacking the matter. Image: @somizi Source: Instagram Naturally, the fans thought it had been regarding his wedding to Mohale Motaung, that loads of individuals square measure starting to assume is on the rocks