Somizi Shock Mzansi After He Revealed That His Rumored New Bae is Actually His Driver.


Somizi Shock Mzansi After He Revealed That His Rumored New Bae is Actually His Driver.

A new level of intimacy between Somizi Mhlongo and Lindile Mbadu? Matching with your lover might be perceived as proving your love. They may have taken their love to the next level with matching Bentleys.

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Celebrities never fail to amaze. We can’t help but question if people utilize their own relationships as content in a world where content creation is their bread and butter Matching tattoos, clothing, and even cars are possibilities. But if you’re rich and have large funds, why not?

In fact, they were filmed at Groove together. Ayepyep Lifestyle in Cape Town.

Somizi continues to sprinkle indications of a blossoming romance between the two, refusing to acknowledge any of the rumors.

After buying identical cars, Somizi let fans know that he and his bae are doing well. You can see two identical Bentleys parked next to each other in the video he captioned “his and his.”

She wonders if Som Som is happy right now. If you look closely at his face, you can see he is beaming with joy.

Her love life changed when she divorced Mohale Motaung. Agent Ali Boy later accused him of flirting with him.

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But Somgaga came back with a vengeance.

In Somizi’s words, “I have a serious issue I need to confront.” I despise it. “Why do people always take advantage of others by blackmailing, manipulating, or otherwise exploiting them?

As a result of this, Ali’s management team became skeptical.

“I confronted him You can’t do this without my consent, Ali.’ ‘I’ll pay you,’ he added, ‘but my management is s*** on me.’

Incredulous that Ali professes not to be gay, Somizi remarked they were both drawn to each other. He believes Ali started flirting with him to later manipulate him.

On TikTok he claims I’m upset because he wants sex with me, but I’m not sure what that has to do with my job.

His latest threat is to expose me, claiming I posted it out of rage. In the end, it’s all a big lie.

Somizi informed Sunday World that he had known Ali boy for a few months and that the flirting was mutual to clear himself of any wrongdoing.

In a tweet asking about the work, Ali Boy said: “I’ve known this man for a while and this started around 6 months ago and I let it slide.”

”I requested him not to use my photo on his poster because my management is unaware of the event. A video of Somizi denying knowledge of the incident was retweeted by the man.

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