Somizi to Fake Gucci spotter: I know my truth

Somizi to Fake Gucci spotter: I know my truth

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In evident Somizi design, the media character tended to claims made by the alleged ‘Counterfeit Gucci spotter’ on Instagram at the end of the week.

Somizi Mhlongo was one of only a handful few Mzansi celebs called out by oneself broadcasted “Counterfeit Gucci spotter”, for shaking a khaki can cap. The media character took to Instagram on Saturday to address his affirmed “counterfeit Gucci” thing curiously.


Somizi was one of the celebs singled out by the mysterious Instagram page. The page passes by “Counterfeit Gucci people group”.

“Counterfeit Gucci spotter,” expressed: “Counterfeit items from the Somizi. I trust you were only an honest buyer who was defrauded into deduction this was genuine. In any case, it’s phony!”


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The media character took to his own Instagram page to react to supposedly wearing a “counterfeit Gucci” thing. In evident Somizi design, he went full scale and took a video while at the Gucci store.

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“Generally I would overlook this is because I know my reality, however, I’ve buckled down,” Somizi said. He requested one from the shop aides to pull up his profile that had a record of the relative multitude of things he has at any point purchased from the extravagance clothing store.

He put accentuation on the container cap he was called out for to put any misinformation to rest.