These are the details of Somizi’s alleged assault on Mohale Motaung

These are the details of Somizi’s alleged assault on Mohale Motaung

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Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s marriage when a spilled discussion where Mohale was blaming Somizi for mishandling him arose. The spilled discussion got into a tricky situation and pretty soon the world came to know about Somhale’s imperfect heaven, with separate from procedures starting off.

Here is a glance at every one of the insights concerning Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment charges against Somizi, the individual who released the discussion, and how far Mohale and Somizi’s separation has gotten.

The Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment claims
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On first August 2021, Mzansi Twitter went wild after a confidential discussion that Mohale Motaung had supposedly held with makers of Somzi’s unscripted TV drama Enjoying a truly incredible lifestyle with Somizi was purportedly spilled with a finger of allegation pointed at BarLeader Chief Legend Manqele. Manqele reduced most, if not all, connection with the spilling charges and Mohale likewise denied having released the sound himself. He made an extensive announcement on his social media pages voicing his mistake over the spilled sound discussion.

In the discussion, Mohale Motaung blamed his ex Somizi for genuinely and loudly mishandling him all through their relationship. In Mohale’s proclamation, Somizi had begun manhandling him only half a month into their relationship. Relating exactly the way that terrible things had gotten, Mohale described how one day, his significant other compromised him with a blade after he went through a night at a companion’s home. The entertainer uncovered that when he took his vehicle keys and advanced outside, Somizi snatched a blade and took steps to kill them both assuming that he left the house. Mohale likewise blamed Somizi for breaking his ribs a year prior and nearly breaking two of his teeth in a different occurrence.

Mzansi’s response to Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment charges

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When Mzansi heard about Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment claims by Somizi Mholongo, tweeps took to Twitter to denounce Somizi’s activities. Some tweeps likewise hailed Mohale for opposing the abusive behavior at home he had languished over quite a while and urged him to battle to reunite. Furthermore, albeit numerous tweeps identified with Mohale Motaung following his maltreatment charges, some rushed to point a finger at him and blame him for being after Somizi’s cash.

These allegations were obviously excused as Mohale later uncovered that he didn’t need anything from the separation with the exception of another vehicle as he guaranteed that Somizi had destroyed his during their marriage.

Somizi Mholongo’s reaction to Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment charges

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Soon after Mohale Motaung’s maltreatment charges against Somizi turned into a web sensation, Somizi put out an announcement denying the allegations and naming them as bogus and slanderous. In his articulation, Somizi denied truly mishandling Mohale over the course of the time they were together or consistently subverting his endeavors to get his monetary freedom.

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Although both Somizi and Mohale both mentioned protection as they managed their partition and separation, in the beyond couple of months we have seen additional admissions and show from the two sides, and it’s probably going to get more extraordinary.

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