Somizi’s cookbook is almost ready and The recipes impress fans


Somizi’s cookbook is almost ready and The recipes impress fans

A cooking chat show may have come first for Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung, but that has not stopped the star’s dream of publishing his own cookbook
Somizi's cookbook
Even though folks always remember to say that Somizi isn’t a professional chef, there’s still no denying the person features a passion for food and therefore the cooking skills to match. The always “booked and busy” Idols SA judge has been speaking about his upcoming cookbook for a touch over a year, and it seems he’s finally able to let it go.

Somizi took to his Instagram on Thursday to share the progress he’s made on the project and revealed goes to be self-published.
Somizi's cookbook
“The diligence begins today. it has been months of preps. My new baby (cookbook) will bear the end of November. For the festive (season). Self-published. Who is prepared to shop for a copy?” he wrote, adding that info about pre-orders for the book would be released soon.

In the video Somizi shares, a sneak peek of the recipes included within the book, and every one the wannabe cooks on his TL was hooked.

Here are some items fans spotted on the starters list: Chicken Feet/Neck Fry, Chicken Heart Mini Pita, Pork Trotters Tacos, Chicken Gizzards Wrap, and Finger-Slapping Lamb Trotters Bites.

For mains, recipes are going to be provided for Spiced Duck and Chinese fried rice, Curried Liver and Cabbage, Pork Trotters and Hard Body, Creamy Chicken Stuffed Bread, and Turmeric Roasted Deboned Chicken.

They sound mouth-watering.

Will you be saving up to gift yourself with a SomG cookbook?

Just the thought of a number of those meals got us like: