New secrets from the cheating of Sonia Booth’s husband scandal

New secrets from the cheating of Sonia Booth’s husband scandal

has an affair with a man who is married, what has become or what is becoming of our country. How can a special day to a child such as a birthday have no meaning anymore to a father but rather be replaced by a relationship with another woman who is not even the child’s mother? Apparently, the father (Michael Booth) baked a cheesecake for the side woman instead of a cake for the child’s birthday.

Former Miss SA runner-up Sonia Booth took to social media to detail the affair that has been going on between her husband Michael booth and fitness guru Bongani Moller in what as readers really indicated the pain that Sonia must have experienced to even come to this point of airing the dirty laundry for the whole world to see. This shows a woman’s heart that has been disregarded and disrespected in so many ways that she can’t hide it anymore. This is a cry out of a woman’s heart that has been hardened and openly disrespected by a person who is supposed to protect her and love her, a person who is called a spouse.

Body language never lies.

Take a look at these pictures of the woman who was often spotted with Michael Booth, just look at how comfortable she is around him, how she holds him. It just shows how she is too acquainted with him, leaving all the hints of a possibly more than work relationship, who holds another woman’s husband like that. They say body language never lie.

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