Sonia Mbele is still a favorite of many of Generation’s followers.

Sonia Mbele is still a favorite of many of Generation’s followers.

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Meet Sonia Mbele from the old Generation who was popularly known as Ntombi Dlomo. She is still people’s favorite even today because of the inspiration, love and dedication she shows through her work.

Sonia had a tough time in life when things were not good on her side that her friends became scared an ld her family did give her the support system she needed. Despite all odds, she managed to pull it through. As they say when life gives you a punch, punch it back and rise a queen or king. This is what she did, her life now is questionable.

Most of her fans are closely drawn to her by the fact that she is still strong and she does the wonders of life. She is a very busy person and she is making success out of it, did you know that she is a blogger? Well she is and she writes everyday on it.

Real names: Nomthandazo Sonia Mbele

Born: 11 December 1976

Place: Alberton

Occupation: Actress, producer, motivational speaker and a blogger

Children: Two buys and one girl

Most people were feeling for her when she was going through a divorce that cause so much stress. Many people already know the story that she went through a depression but they no more talk about it. This is because she bounced back in a way that many saw a very much happiness and a life goes unofficial motto through her.

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Many people know Sonia for too long now, she has been in the indurty for more than 16 years now. The industry saw that Sonia is the most loved celebrity, she was once featured in to being a judge for 2010 South African contest.

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Sonia Nomthandazo Mbele