Sonia Mbele launches her own water brand at a big party


Sonia Mbele launches her own water brand at a big party

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A lot of famous people are starting their own different types of businesses as they obviously want to make more money and achieve more success. We have seen quite a number of them release alcoholic brands and this has, therefore, become the norm when a South African celebrity releases a brand of their own.
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There are, however, those who are not sticking to what everyone else is doing and are doing their own thing. One of them includes South African actress, Sonia Mbele. Sonia recently announced that she’s dropping her own brand of water which, most probably was a surprise to quite a number of people as they didn’t expect to coming. Sonia, however, did tease about it as she said that she’s, “Quenching people’s thirst” when she posted her latest set of pictures. People most probably didn’t think that she was leading to her huge announcement when she made that caption.

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A lot of people have been quite interactive with the Actress on her Twitter account as she has been very much active on it and, posting quite a lot of pictures as well. Now, when it was announced that she’s dropping her own brand of water, those people of course had something to say and here’s what some of them said:
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This is most probably the start of something bigger and, I think we should expect to see more businesses from the actress sooner than we think. Sonia might have also started something big as we may see more and more celebrities launching their own brand of water, same as the alcoholic brands that many of them have launched already.


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