Sonia Mbele Story: she Talks about her humble beginning.

Sonia Mbele Story: she Talks about her humble beginning.

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Sonia Mbele drops humbling beginnings and how she had her life when she grew up with her mother. She was not privileged and not having much, also played a vital role in her acting career, which started from that moment when she was not on a set.

She went on a job search and when she got there, starting from the security gate, she started pulling out her skills as she was trying to convince everyone from the security gate and to the reception, that she would be a better employee.

She also reveals that it was the time when she thought she felt it. She started becoming an actor from that moment and it was basically a life-changing moment, whereby she discovered how and when it became a reality for her that she can be a star on television.

Ever since then, when she was able to break through the entertainment industry, her life has become better than before. The Podcast chill with MacG also reveals that she is not on social media and she is not even interested to it at the moment as signing up for a social media account.


She is still living the old school type of life, whereby she prefers and loves to engage with people personally and have a chat with them, instead of how it is done in current times, as social media is now a medium where most people come together from different parts of the world.

Basically, at the moment, she is still continuing with the lifestyle she had when she was still living as humble beginnings as she was back then and not having an opportunity to have a better life. She has to change her life situation at home and have a better lifestyle.


It is also a good advice to anyone to consider not having a social media account. This means that you will not and you are not going to have any bad or good moments on your social media account.

In current times their are people living on social media and sharing many things that are happening in their lives.

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