Sonia Mbele’s apolitical stance rubs people the wrong way

Sonia Mbele’s apolitical stance rubs people the wrong way

Sonia Mbele is a well known and respected actress who was best known for her beloved role on Generations during its heyday when she played Ntombi Khumalo. However, for her younger fan base the star is known for her villainous role as Lisbeth Molapo on Blood & Water.

Throughout her career, while she might have faced difficulties when transitioning from actress to producer and businesswoman, Mbele has never been associated with political scandals. However, in light of her recent rant on Twitter, tweeps have been calling her out for alleged privilege, which allowed for her to remain mum on socio-political matters.

The whole country has been reeling from loadshedding and the lack of care the ruling party is taking to calm the panic and anxiety faced by the large majority of South Africans due to the shedz. This is as loadshedding is affecting everything from businesses closing down to the manner in which the general public navigates its day-to-day activities.

Sonia became the latest ZAlebs to share her own frustration via social media. This is as she explained how she went to sleep during loadshedding only to wake up to more loadshedding. As such, she did not have anything nice to say about our president.

Following this tweet, she contextualised her reasoning for bringing up the matter via social media by expressing that she has been quiet because she does not “do politics.”

Safe to say, her stance resulted in backlash from her followers as they attempted to express that she did not “do politics” before because she was never directly affected by the decisions of the ruling party due to her wealth and privilege as a ZAlebs.

One comment also decided to go below the belt as they suggested that Sonia must send her son, Donell, to deal with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The sentiment is shared due to Sonia’s son’s recent headline making story back in 2022. At the time the news broke, the story was reported as:

Donell Mbele, the son of actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele, is alleged to have abused his girlfriend and baby mama, and she has the receipts! In a shocking Instagram story expose, Reokeditswe showed off her Bruised face and even shared private messages between them where he allegedly admitted to this scary act.

Image credit: Sonia Mbele Is About To Be A Grandma

Popular Instagram gossip page Maphephandaba shared the Instagram stories by Reokeditswe, where she has a swollen eye and discoloured face.

In one of the stories, she claims that Donell logs in on her Instagram page and deletes the posts but she manages to repost them again.

She claims he cheated on her and when she confronted him, all hell broke loose.

“Donell cheated one and when I found out he went and beat me up. He has been deleting all my posts from my account cause he doesn’t want the work to see what a dog he is,” she alleged.

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