Sonia Mbele’s love story and how she found her love in New York.

Sonia Mbele’s love story and how she found her love in New York.


Since her well-publicized divorce in 2014, she has not been in a committed relationship. However, Sonia Mbele has since recovered, rebuilt her life, and found love once more. According to the mother, actress, and producer, it feels good to be loved once more. In the arms of a Ghanaian man who lives in the United States, the producer of Real Housewives of Johannesburg has found love. It was love at first sight when they met on one of her trips.

Sonia has spoken out about her battle with depression over the years and how she had to start over after her divorce in order to find herself. She tells Zimoja, “To be able to deal with some of the internal battles I faced, it took me self-love, acceptance, and a lot of prayers.” It almost feels like your soul is being taken away during a divorce. As a result, I had to find myself once more and learn to love myself and who I am again,” she says. I am thankful for the woman I have become and the lessons I have learned along the way, even though it took a lot of effort.

Sonia has also learned to trust other people as she has discovered herself. FINDING LOVE After many years, she rekindled her love during a trip to Ghana in 2019. Around December, Sonia met her man at the Afrochella Festival. For him, it was love at first sight. He was unaware that she was a household name back home; he was this polite person living in the US who came for a music show,” says a companion. “The man was in love. They have been together since 2019, and he or she always visits the United States.

Sonia tells Zimoja that she likes to keep her love life a secret and protect those she cares about.


She adds, “The person who told you about my love life must have known how happy I am.” Yes, I am in a relationship with someone far away. New York is where my man works. Sonia claims that she has kept the relationship a secret for her own safety. Because I’ve been duped, I’d rather keep my love life away from Sonia. It took me a few years to realize that I need to safeguard my most valuable possessions. All I can say is that, which is very important to me, he loves me more than I love him. I’ve been through a lot of pain and have kept my heart safe for a long time. She adds, “Now is the time to let go.” I’ve learned that it’s important to enjoy being loved and being appreciated by someone who understands who I am. She continues, “He genuinely loves me for who I am, and he doesn’t care about what I do for a living. He doesn’t know that back home, I’m called Ntombi.” A beautiful thing is love. I appreciate dating, having a good time and having the little things throughout everyday life,” she says. Soon, Sonia will travel to New York to see her new love. She intends to spend the holidays with her man and see him this month.

I’m always on the move..He comes to see me almost every month or every other month. We manage to make long-distance relationships work. She exclaims, “We have been doing great since 2019.”

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