Sophie Lichaba says the negative messages about her weight loss caused her a lot of pain

Sophie Lichaba says the negative messages about her weight loss caused her a lot of pain

Sophie Lichaba

Veteran actress Sophie Lichaba has endured many struggles since opening up about her battle with diabetes, including losing out on business and blacking out while driving.

The star, who this year joined the cast of hit drama series Lockdown, sat down with TshisaLIVE earlier this year to talk about her role as a broken nurse during a mental asylum and the way she channelled the hurt she experienced in her personal life into the character.

“You know they always say, find somebody who died in your family and just become emotional. For me, I draw from the lady that i’m . I draw from the items that I even have been through,” she explained
Sophie Lichaba
Sophie has had a public battle with diabetes, which led to her losing weight, leading to fake rumours about her dying.

“My kids, it affected them because sometimes they might be like ‘why would numerous people say this? Is it true? Are you dying? Is there something that you simply aren’t telling us?’ … People don’t realise that you simply are human and undergo human pain, like anybody else.”

She also recounted a time when she blacked out while driving on a residential road late last year.

“I am diabetic and my sugar levels were very high and that i literally passed out. that’s why, for me, i would like to make awareness about the condition … My kids, everyone was sad, they only said ‘mom, what if this had happened on the highway?’ It happened on a traditional road but rock bottom line is that the car was wrecked.”

She also revealed that the rumours of her “death” affected her businesses.

“You must remember that i’m not just an actress, I even have businesses … people that once trusted you with R10m or R5m for his or her projects, once they hear you’re dying, why would they even offer you a contract? it had been the challenge of losing tons .”

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She said that she isn’t letting it get to her and is decided to prove her critics wrong.

“People think that I even have lost it all, abandoning of it all. i’m just getting started. They said i might never plan another wedding again, but i’m just getting started.”