Sophie Lichaba throws husband out of their house after catching him cheating

Sophie Lichaba throws husband out of their house after catching him cheating


Celebville is usually droning with one story once the opposite. Here ar the highest 3 rumours we’ve detected recently.

It looks Sophie and GHB Lichaba ar headed for dissolution once 3 years of wedding.

Apparently the thespian caught her husband cheating whereas he was staying within the Nothern Cape. She confronted the facet chick United Nations agency told her GHB had alleged that the 2 are becoming a divorce.

“She same she discovered that he was cheating on her thereupon lady and once she confronted him, he denied knowing this lady. however she felt that the person was creating a fool of her,” a supply told Surge Entertainement

Sophie allegedlly threw him out. we tend to hope these rumours aren’t true.

In alternative news Isibaya thespian Asavela has been exposed for sacking herself a married bourgeois. It looks she met the KZN construction mogul on his wedding once the couple invited the Isibaya solid to his wedding.

After the 2 had gotten along, he admired into Asavela’s house and therefore the automobile she drives was truly his partner’s that he took removed from his wife and gave to Asavela.

Ntando Duma has delivered a stinging clap back at fans United Nations agency are asking regarding her lovemaking.

The Queen thespian engaged together with her fan on Instagram throughout a candid true or false session. “Let’s play true or false. No nonsense queries,” she tutored. Ntando’s ability to stay her life non-public has left her fans feeling a touch curious which will cause several of them to overstep the boundaries.

Although Ntando Duma has ne’er exposed her bae’s identity she has shown off her guy’s muscles and Ntobeko is additionally leading within the muscle department. She has additionally been enjoying his music in her videos on social media.

Four fans asked her regarding it in her human gamma globulin stories, she ne’er confirmed or denied it.

Which got United States thinking that regarding the rumor regarding Ntando Duma and Ntobeko Shishi, United Nations agency is Teddy’s bestie from Gomora

If this seems to be true, then Zodwa Wabantu has lost out as she has mentioned over once however she likes him.

Another man she has been joined to is Sicelo.

People have usually joined the 2 of them seeing however Ntando disclosed that she had a replacement man in her life however blurred his face out. several although they could have solved the puzzle by forward it absolutely was Teddy Wabantwana but it’s not.

“Is Teddy from Gomora your boyfriend?” the fan asked. Ntando answered the fan with a acculturation by common comedian and important person Bobo Mbele wherever he says ‘uyahlanya’ that interprets to ‘you ar crazy.’
Who Ntando is qualitative analysis right away remains a mystery. even supposing several thought she had gotten back to her baby dad, Junior American state Rocka, it looks as if that ship has sailed. She referred to as him a defaulter and even alleged that he had hit her while she was pregnant.

Ntando has additionally been the verbalise the city once a supposed sex tape had gone infectious agent with several thinking it absolutely was her. She refuted these claims by spoken communication, “I legit nearly believed that was Maine in this video yaze yafana nami leya ngane (the lady seems like me) except for confirmation, it’s positively NOT Maine and that i would ne’er do something of that nature. Have an honest day everybody.”