Sophie Ndaba changed her maiden name after she broke up.

Sophie Ndaba changed her maiden name after she broke up.

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Sophie Ndaba is officially done with Max Lichaba and it’s clear by the name she has chosen to be addressed with.
The veteran actress has reverted to her maiden name amid rumors that her marriage to Max Lichaba came to a sad end.

When she was announcing her latest gig at a local radio station, Sophie chose to be addressed by her maiden name.

According to Surge Entertainment, the actress caught her husband cheating while he was staying in the Northern Cape.
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She confronted the side chick, who told her that Max had alleged that a divorce was pending.


Previous Generations entertainer Sophie Lichaba has experienced a great deal in her life, from separations to experiencing the disease which saw her being conceded to emergency clinic ordinarily.

Sophie Ndaba’s passing had been sprinkled via web-based media in the past by individuals caught up with getting out the phony word. That upset her a ton as she took a stand in opposition to it saying what it has meant for her.

Commonly, individuals had spread bogus data via online media seeing her as they said that she has passed on. It happened when she was fundamentally sick in clinic as she was determined to have diabetes. Her then-spouse, Max Lichaba, use to refuse those cases and expressed how they are manhandling his family.

The manner in which Max use to keep close by Sophie and supporting her, showed how he adored his better half and how he was broken by the upsetting information on her” bogus passing”. Nobody would have felt that Max can make torment Sophie and undermine her. The two served a few objectives even to the point whereby Max’s ex made a joke of Sophie’s passing however he remained by her and upheld her all through.

Presently, all that sparkles is no more as it was accounted for that Sophie and Max are setting out toward a separation, a finish to what exactly was an exquisite marriage. This was after Sophie discovered Max undermining her. At the point when Sophie faced the side chick, she said that Max had disclosed to her that they are separated and not, at this point together.

As per Sunday World, their split was uncovered by a dear companion who wished to remain unknown. The source said that Lichaba has moved out of their leased house in Joburg and has moved back toward the Northern Cape. Ndaba has moved back to her home house, west of Joburg.