Mzansi flirting with Actress Sophie Ndaba’s beautiful dress

Mzansi flirting with Actress Sophie Ndaba’s beautiful dress

Mzansi has been sending their love to Sophie Ndaba after seeing her recent pictures. Sophie has recently taken it to her social media page where she posted pictures of herself at a function she had attended last week. Her fans and followers have been loving her body weight.

A lot of people have noticed that the actress has gained weight ever since she came back after taking a long break of not being on tv. Sophie Ndaba is popularly known as a South African actress and businesswoman who is popularly known for playing the character of Queen Moroka in Generations.

Apparently, Sophie Ndaba is back in event planning and her fans are loving the work she has been doing so far. The actress has recently planned the gender-revealing event for Dj Lamiez Holworthy and her husband Khuli Chana. And in this even plan the homecoming of Miss Universe SA.

Sophie has made her return to the screen after many years of battling Cancer. The actress is another cancer survivor who has been open and has also been accepted. Many of her fans including other celebrities have been sending their love after seeing pictures that she posted on her Instagram page. The actress is another celebrity who has been mocked for her weight loss. The actress has been called names after she come out with living with chronic diseases that almost took her life.

Take a look at some of her pictures and share your thoughts and views.

Sophie Ndaba is known to have been married to Mac Lichaba. Although the actress is married to Max Lichaba it does not change her surname. Sophie Ndaba has been married few time. The actress was once married to Themba Ndaba who is popularly known as Brutus Khoza from The Queen.

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