Stella Malebye: Our Amazing Wedding Bride Stella Mtembhu “Soso” Died


Stella Malebye: Our Amazing Wedding Bride Stella Mtembhu “Soso” Died

Stella was browsing a messy divorce when she met David and wasn’t within the right headspace to think about stepping into a replacement relationship at that time. This was in 2015. The couple meets at David’s friends’ house. He was there to assist his friend fit his new stove and it so happened that Stella was friends with the friends’ wife.

David liked Stella the instant he saw her. He stopped fitting the stove and followed her around the house, eager to get to understand her better. Stella’s friend tried to assure her that David was actually an honest guy, but she wasn’t interested initially.

A week before Christmas, he asked to require her out for lunch but Stella didn’t respond. When she didn’t pitch, he went over to her house to ask about her whereabouts and was told she had actually left to attend a family gathering elsewhere.

She didn’t return until New Year’s eve and while at the mall, she saw him. David was so excited, he shouted, “My wife!” for all to listen to at the mall, LOL! He even got an opportunity to invite her number that day. That was the beginning of their relationship.

Both their exes are quite a matter in their relationship, but the couple has stood by one another and managed to affect each instance as best as they will. David is more of an outside person, so he took Stella to Sun City for an outing. While they were busy having lunch there, he just took out the ring and said, “Here’s the ring .”

Stella loves the very fact that David is supportive and he loves the very fact that she’s honest and respectful.