Steve Hofmeyer supports his son, defending his son’s right to protest after his arrest.

Steve Hofmeyer supports his son, defending his son’s right to protest after his arrest.

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has defended his son Devon’s right to protest after his arrest and charge for public violence and assault…



Steve Hofmeyr has publicly defended his son Devon after he was arrested and charged with public violence. The hitmaker’s firstborn – who is the founder of the Afrikaaner right-wing group Bittereinders – landed in hot water after protesting the arrest of a farm worker and his son accused of assaulting their employee.

The controversial singer has had several brushes with the law himself over the years


On Monday, 12 February, Devon Hofmeyr and two other members of the Bittereinders group appeared in the Groblersdal Magistrates Court on charges of public violence.

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This relating to an organised protest by the group just days earlier demanding farmer Piet Groenwald and his stepson Stephan Greef be released from prison.

The farmers are accused of assaulting their security guard employee and setting their dog on him. The incident took place on 17 January at their farm in the Groblersdal. According to Sowetan, Groewald is also facing two charges of murder and one of attempted murder in a separate case.


Last month, Devon and dozens of other members of the Bittereinders movement marched to court demanding that bail be granted to Groenewald and Greef.

The group of protestors – carrying the  Vierkleur or old Transvaal flag – clashed with police. Devon and several others, including Francois van der Merwe – were arrested for assault and public violence.

Reacting to the headlines, Steve Hofmeyr seemingly defended his son Devon, tweeting in Afrikaans: “The Afrikaans farmer’s last democratic instruments are slowly being stripped from him. His right to protest and demonstrate is labeled as terrorism. He is made an example of while other bloodthirsty are exonerated.

Steve added: “They did it to me. They will do it to our sons too”.

Steve echoed his sentiments in his weekly Facebook discussions.


It’s not the first time Devon Hofmeyr has made headlines over his outspoken opinions.

In October, the 29-year-old confronted Minister of Police Bheki Cele on his plan of action for farm murders in South Africa and increased crime levels in the North West community of Brits.

In a video clip, he asked the minister: “We need action from you. And if you don’t want to take action, give us the privilege to do it ourselves”.

Just a few months earlier, Devon led the Bittereinders to the EFF’s headquarters in Johannesburg. This, over his bid to confront party leader Julius Malema over his Kill The Boer performance.


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